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In letters, websites or in articles you will be confronted with terms you don´t exactly understand.

Should this text be in digital form or online, this tool will enable you to convert these terms into a link, opening a window with understandable explanations.

This tool is based on javascript, so javascript should be activated at least, and popup windows should be allowed. Otherwise it won"t work properly!

Please click here, if you...

  1. are looking for the explanation of a term.
  2. want to save the glossary on the local harddrive of your pc.
  3. are loooking for explanations on a term in the internet
  4. are a webmaster and want to include the glossary in some documents
  5. want to include the glossary in an offline document.

1. If you are looking for an explanation of a term -

you can find your term under suchen.php and receive, if existing, your explanation.

2. If you want to save the glossary on your pc -

You may have a look at the total glossary under the link glossar.php and if you want to, save it on the hardisk of your pc for offline use: download.php

3. If you are looking for explanations on a website -

In case you are trying to understand a website and you would like some explanations on terms used on this site, you can input the url of this website under gc.php and click on "conversion". The terms will be transformed into hyperlinks, if a definition already exisits in the glossary. If you click on these terms a new window with the explanation will open. This is not possible for files in PDF or Word format. HTML files are supported only.

4. If you are a webmaster and want to include the glossar in your websites -

It is also possible to convert your own html documents on the fly and include the glossary directly. Click glossar_convert_1.php on "Durchsuchen", find your html-file and then click on the button "upload". You can now save your file with the included glossary on your harddisk, for use in your website. Only HTML files are supported . If you are using other formats, you have to convert your documents in HTML files first.

5. If your intending to include the glossary in an offline-document -

should you be interested in integrating the glossary in a document without internet access, please go to this page: glossar_convert_off.php Be sure your document is in HTML format, otherwise you should convert it into HTML before. Click on "search", find your file and then click on the upload-button . You can save your converted HTML file on your hardisk and open it with every browser. Be sure that popup windows and javascript are allowed.

Further technical details are offered at the input forms of the pages

Direct use of the glossary

Downlad of the glossary

Tools for including the glossary in your own documents

Administration of the glossary

This tool to accesss and integrate the glossary was developed by the RRD project at Charité Virchow Eye Clinic Berlin with support of the German Ministry of Health, and by
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